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  We expertise not only in repairing services, but also in installation, and door replacement in Brisbane. You can decide from our wide range of doors and get them installed by the best professionals in the town. We have doors of different price range so depending on your requirements, and budget you can make your purchase.  


So, you’ve made the decision to buy a new, or replace your existing garage door. 

There are just a few steps involved. If you run into trouble, Entire are happy to give you advice. 

  1. Work out whether your site is ready for a measure and quote. It is important that you have a garage door specialist, visit your home and measure up your door opening – this is the only way to get an accurate quote.  It is not recommended that you do your own measure up for your door. Garage door specialists are trained to measure the opening, and know what allowances they need to make for tracks, wheels, etc before they finalise a door size.
  2. Once your site is ready, you need to find a garage door specialist.  Entire are happy to come out and discuss your garage door options. Entire will visit your site, measure up and provide you with a no obligation quote.  
  3. Do some research, before your garage door specialist arrives. There are a range of different types of garage doors, as well as different styles of openers and other accessories available. Not all doors will suit your garage or carport, but your garage door specialist will be able to advise you on this, once they are on site. Before they arrive though, it is worth doing a little bit of your own research.                                                                                              Below are types of garage doors, our suppliers and brochures to look over at your leisure. 

Garage Doors

Roller Doors


 Roller doors comprise of a ribbed steel curtain that moves vertically in the opening and rolls up and around the drum, guided by tracks and counterbalanced with springs.

They are particularly suitable for garages and sheds where there is plenty of headroom above the opening and where a traditional look is required. 

Sectional Doors


Sectional doors are made from a number of rigid sections/panels that are hinged together and move vertically in the opening, then horizontally along the ceiling, guided by tracks and counter-balanced with springs. 

Tilt Doors


 Tilt garage doors use pivoting arms to move a single panel door. The pivoting arms shift the door so it is moved into the ceiling space when in the open position. This is done by moving the door out and up from the closed position. 

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